‘Bathtub of a bum’: Homeless guy takes a bath in NY fountain; socialist utopia!

bumThe “progressive” utopia ushered in by Mayor Bill de Blasio, highlighted in part by his reluctance to pursue quality of life offenses in the city, is beginning to grate on the nerves of New Yorkers.

Things may have reached a head, pardon the pun, a few weeks back when a vagrant was photographed urinating on a busy stretch of Broadway in broad daylight. But the latest example of liberties being taken by an exploding homeless population may top that.

Calling it the “bathtub of a bum,” CBS New York reported Wednesday on a homeless man photographed taking a bath in a fountain at a popular city landmark.

The photograph was snapped by Ken Frydman, who reminds us that it’s a small world indeed.

According to CBS New York, Frydman worked for former mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is largely credited with cleaning up the Big Apple in the ’90s.

“This, for me, was the tipping point on quality of life,” Frydman said, appalled. “This man is actually lathering up with a bar of soap.”

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The fountain serves as home base for the hygienic bum, who keeps his toiletries under a nearby bench, the CBS affiliate reported.

Reporter Marcia Kramer asked Frydman if such behavior would have been permitted under his old boss.

“No, this man would have been approached and questioned and taken probably to a psychiatric facility,” he replied. “I see a progressive backsliding of civility and quality of life in the city.”

The mayor was later shown the photo of the bathtub bum and asked what can be done about it.

“We are going to enforce quality-of-life offenses,” de Blasio said with a straight face. “The fact is [NYPD] Commissioner [Bill] Bratton is dedicating a lot of resources right now to hot spots where we believe we’re having serious quality-of-life issues and you’re going to see the effect of that very quickly.”

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