Ann Coulter lays out how latest illegal alien murder case is part of REAL war on women

Now this is a war on women.

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter joined Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Wednesday to explore the bizarre case of a Mexican man suspected of killing an Ohio woman after he’d been arrested July 7 by local deputies for being in the country illegally.

Juan Emmanuel Razo was released after Border Patrol refused to take him into custody because he had not committed any crime, other than being an illegal immigrant.

Razo is accused of then going on a “horrifying” crime spree, killing 60-year-old Peggy Kostelnik of Painesville, attempting to kill another woman and attempting to rape his own 14-year-old niece.

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For Coulter, it was just another example of the criminal element among illegals.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a wall on the border?” Coulter asked, adding that there’s been a call for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border for 30 years.

Coulter got into a spirited exchange with liberal panelist Alan Colmes over whether illegal immigrants in the country are violent or not, before she brought the focus back to women.

“Now, we have a real war on women because all these peasant cultures are being dumped on the country to give the Democrats more votes,” she said. “The kind of cultures where child rape is common, and that is what we’re getting, and that is what we’re seeing.”

A war you can be sure the media will have limited interest in.

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