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TV reporter confronts woman who stole his credit card with camera and cops

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This credit card thief picked the wrong mark:

A professional investigative reporter who tracked her down and confronted her.

It started when Fox 4 Dallas’ Steve Noviello, who had put fraud notification on his card, received an alert that his credit card was being used to pay for a hotel room in North Texas.

Noviello first contacted Visa and then the hotel. It ran his credit card number and found it was used by a woman named Farah Parks, who was still staying at the hotel.

Noviello quickly contacted local police and officers were dispatched officers to the hotel to arrest Parks, but the police weren’t the only ones looking for her.

As Parks was being walked out the her room in handcuffs she was confronted by Noviello, armed with his iPhone, who began peppering her with questions about how and why she choose him.

Though she didn’t have much to say, the stunned look on Parks’ face was priceless.

Watch the confrontation below.

FOX 10 News | fox10phoenix.com

Carmine Sabia


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