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Megyn Kelly takes Daily Beast reporter to task over Trump rape allegations

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daily_beastFox News host Megyn Kelly scored an interview with the reporter who put out the controversial story about rape allegations made by Donald Trump’s ex-wife in 1989, and in her typical style, she took the journalist to task.

“You are under fire for writing a piece about a man’s divorce — allegations made in it from three decades ago — why did you think this was relevant?” Kelly asked Tim Mak, senior correspondent for The Daily Beast.

Mak responded by saying the story was fair game because Trump “introduced his presidential campaign” by saying many Mexican immigrants who cross the border are rapists.

When Kelly pressed Mak on it, the reporter stressed that Trump is the Republican front-runner, as if that somehow warrants reporting on salacious accusations picked from the carcass of nearly 30-year-old divorce proceedings.

“He deserves to be looked at,” Mak said of Trump. “His history should be looked at.”

Kelly noted that “divorce proceedings are notoriously ugly,” and that spouses “often say things that are not true and they later live to regret.” She also pointed out that Ivanna Trump has “softened” on her allegations over the years.

The reporter stood his ground, saying his reporting was “fair and it’s factual.”

The two also discussed the controversial threats Trump special counsel Michael Cohen made against Daily Beast reporters covering the story, with Kelly saying the attorney’s profane remarks were “deeply offensive.”

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