Liberal media ignores baby butchers & Benghazi but not this: Lion killer donated to Mitt Romney!

Actual image The Hill used to illustrate its “scoop.”

If only dismembered babies’ organs got as much attention as lion manes.

While top Democrat politicians and their allies in the media give as little attention as possible to the gruesome undercover videos being rolled out that show Planned Parenthood executives openly discussing the sale of tissue from aborted children, the death of Cecil the lion at the hands of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer in early July has set off a ringing round of condemnations from celebrities and liberal politicians.

As The New York Times reported:

Thousands of people have signed, intended for Zimbabwe’s president, demanding justice for Cecil, and angry animal rights supporters have gone online to express their outrage at Dr. Palmer.

Once he was named as the hunter who killed Cecil, Dr. Palmer’s dentistry website was taken offline, and social media users quickly created a parody Facebook page for his office. His Yelp page was also overrun with indignant commenters.


But the Fourth Estate’s stalwart defenders of democracy at The Hill beat every American news outlet to the vital scoop that Palmer is not only a big-game hunter, he was a Mitt Romney donor during the 2012 election campaign.

The Hill not only found the $5,000 donation to Romney in the last presidential election, it went back a quarter of a century to report that he’d donated $250 to former Congressman Jim Palmer during the Republican’s first run for office in 1990.

Meanwhile, in the here and now, the nation’s largest abortion provider is largely getting a pass from the media for its practice of treating the organs of destroyed human beings like spare parts at a Pick-n-Pull.

Social media users — the ones who aren’t preocccupied with the fate of 13-year-old African lion — see through the distortion.

Maybe readers are being too tough on The Hill. This is, after all, a news gathering organization that wows the Beltway crowd every year with feats of journalistic derring-do like picking the “The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful.” (Shockingly, both Michelle and Barack made the list this year.)

Then again, maybe they’re not being tough enough. Because what could happen to a country that’s supposedly built on an informed electorate that’s getting “informed” by garbage like this?

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