DNC rips Scott Walker over cheesesteak choice; ignores lewd signs at Philly campaign stop

The opposition will often make it clear who they’re concerned about, and for Democrats, the person at the top of that list appears to be presidential contender and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

The Republican presidential contender was in Philadelphia on Tuesday, and when you’re campaigning in the “City of Brotherly Love,” it’s a time-honored tradition to indulge in a Philly cheesesteak.

But the Democratic National Committee made much ado over the simple undertaking because Walker stopped in at two rival cheesesteak joints, calling him out for not picking a side.

Business Insider reporter Colin Campbell posted the DNC jab on Twitter:


The needling didn’t stop there, though. While pressing the flesh at Geno’s Steaks, Walker was heckled by apparent supporters of Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders.

Still, it gets even better. There were a couple of protesters stalking Walker as he intermingled with the folks, holding up lewd signs.

There’s no indication the trolls were associated with the DNC, but Philadelphia is not only a Democrat stronghold dominated by black liberals and labor unions, it’s also hosting the Democrat National Convention in 2016.

And with Walker continuing to poll very well, and organized labor still reeling from the butt-whooping he put on them in his home state a couple of years back, it’s clear the Republican is on their radar.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter highlighting photos and comments from the day:


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