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Chattanooga shooter’s DUI arrest video released; he was no devout Muslim!

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He wasn’t exactly a devout Muslim.

Police in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have released an edited 12-minute video showing the April 20 DUI arrest of the man who would later launch the July 16 attack on a Navy and Marine Reserve center, killing five servicemen.

Screenshot (270)The video shows a mostly civil interaction between 24-year-old Mohammad Abdulazeez and officers, as they run him through a series of routine roadside sobriety tests.

Near the beginning of the traffic stop, officers are heard on the tape commenting on the large number of pills Abdulazeez had in the car. He later admitted to having crushed and snorted some caffeine pills after officers questioned him about a “white powder” around his nose.

“Caffeine pills up your nose, man? C’mon,” the officer said. “That can’t be good for you.”

When officers questioned him about the smell of marijuana, Abdulazeez claimed he had not smoked any that night but admitted to being around people who had.

After stumbling through various tests, Abdulazeez declined to take a blood test to check his sobriety.

“I don’t feel that I should be taken in right now,” he told the officer. “I mean was my driving that…”

“It was,” the cop answered. “It was. It was that bad.”

“Based off the way you performed off these evaluations, OK, it’s nothing against you,” the officer said. “It’s just, it is what it is, OK? It’s not good — the way you performed on these evaluations was very bad.”

Abdulazeez – who had written about suicide and martyrdom ahead of the July 16 attack – was reportedly “deeply embarrassed” by the April DUI arrest.

Michael Schaus


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