Angry judge rails against immigration system as alien faces rape, murder charges: ‘We don’t even know who he is’

Failure to enforce immigration laws has again left an innocent woman shot to death, another wounded, a teenager sexually assaulted and a judge on the warpath.

Illegal alien Juan Emmanual Razo, 35, is accused of fatally shooting a 60-year-old woman, attempting to kill another woman and attempting to rape his 14-year-old niece on Monday, weeks after the U.S Border Patrol refused to take him into custody because he hadn’t committed a crime besides entering the country illegally, WKYC reported.

All of that could have been prevented if the U.S Border Patrol saw fit to do its job on July 7 when Lake County, Ohio, sheriff’s deputies investigating a suspicious vehicle detained Razo and contacted the Border Patrol.

The Border Patrol said Razo was in the country illegally, but advised deputies to release him because he had no criminal record in the United States, according to WKYC.

That decision proved fatal.

According to the News-Herald, authorities were called around 10:45 a.m. Monday when Razo’s 14-year-old niece ran into a  veterinarian’s office and told the staff there that her uncle tried to rape her in a nearby park.

While waiting for a warrant to arrest Razo, deputies received another call at 2:43 p.m. reporting that a woman walking with two children had been shot in the left arm on a walking trail in the vicinity.

According to Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap, the children were unharmed and the woman is expected to recover.

About 4:18 p.m., a deputy participating in the manhunt for Razo, which included U.S. marshals and the FBI, was approached by William Kostelnik, who said that he had come home and found his, wife Peggy Kostelnik,  dead, according to the News-Herald.

The Kostelnik property borders the park where the woman was shot on the walking trail.

According to the coroner, Kostelnik was dead for about an hour and a half when she was discovered.

During his arraignment Tuesday Razo entered a plea of “not guilty” through a public defender, but could produce no forms of valid U.S. or state identification. A frustrated Judge Michael Cicconetti shouted, “How in the hell do I even know it’s him?” according to WKYC.

“He’s here illegally and we can’t confirm his identity,” Cicconetti said.

“This is a bail hearing and I need to know some facts about this case,” he said. “I have somebody who we don’t know who he is, why he is in this country, why he is here illegally and why he allegedly committed a murder.

“And you can’t answer any questions to identify yourself?”

“I can’t set a bond high enough,” Cicconetti said.

He made it $10 million.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


49 thoughts on “Angry judge rails against immigration system as alien faces rape, murder charges: ‘We don’t even know who he is’

  1. Thomas Ainlay says:

    Thanks Obama and Liberal fucksticks in general

  2. Tom Tucker says:

    Obama’s America. Third world pos like where he grew up

  3. Tom Tucker says:

    Why is Trump the only one telling the truth?

  4. higgy01 says:

    We have a fairly complete set of immigration laws already on the books that the imposter Obama refuses to enforce. There is no need for “immigration reform” which is a code phrase for amnesty. By enforcing the law illegal aliens would have no work, no welfare and no lodging. There would be no need to deport with the associated expense because the illegals would have no place to but home, their home.

    1. watchingnow says:

      Here is another problem – this time it is legal immigrants overwhelming our systems. Note where it says “Expressly because they arrive on legal immigrant
      visas, most will be able to draw a wide range of taxpayer-funded
      benefits, and corporations will be allowed to directly substitute these
      workers for Americans.”

      What do you think – a moratorium on legal immigration for 5 years?

  5. Rich Harvey says:


    “Failure to enforce immigration laws…”
    It is not failure to enforce immigration laws … it is REFUSAL to enforce immigration laws …

    “Failure” implies that NSA and other alphabet soups orgs are overwhelmed, faced with greater challenges, etc. etc. “Refusal” nails it dead on — they refuse to do their jobs, making them complicit in these crimes. They are the epitome of the stereotypical lazy government worker, comfortable in a secure job, except their security is compromising everyone else’s security.

  6. watchingnow says:

    Why is it I often hear or read that an illegal alien has ‘constitutional rights’? They have NO rights we have worked so hard to achieve!!

    “the U.S Border Patrol refused to take him into custody because he hadn’t
    committed a crime besides entering the country illegally, WKYC reported.” What the heck! What about crimes committed in other countries? Or this is another restriction Obama has put on our Border Patrol? I find it hard to believe in this technological world the Patrol cannot access other countries’ arrest/prison records.

    Again, a Sanctuary County allows criminals to run rampant. I doubt this is the only occurrence.

    Lake County, OH (Added 7-23-15 Source: Lake County
    accepts fraudulent Mexican Matricular Counsular ID cards used by illegal
    aliens.) (bookmark this site and every time you hear this kind of story, check to see if the area has declared themselves a sanctuary)

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