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Trump: Republicans don’t hit Hillary hard enough, ‘our country is going to hell’

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Donald Trump on Monday had a simple explanation for his surge in the polls since joining the Republican race for the presidency:

“Our country is going to hell,” he said.

And Americans want someone who will stop it.

The 2016 Republican presidential front-runner appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” Monday night and said that he is leading in the polls because Americans are tired of typical politicians, but he saved his harshest remarks for Obama who attacked Trump and the GOP field while traveling in Ethiopia Monday.

“He’s probably the worst president in the history of our country,” Trump said. “He should have devoted more time to working on a good nuclear deal with Iran instead of what he’s doing because he’s just been a disaster for our country.”

Trump said the reason he is leading in the polls is because Americans are sick of a political class that does nothing but chatter about problems.

“People are tired of incompetent politicians running our country,” Trump said. “When they see a deal like the Iran nuclear deal, when they see how badly our veterans are taken care of, they’re just sick and tired of it.”

Despite making noises last week about a potential third-party bid last week, Trump made it clear that he wants to run for and win the presidency as a Republican.

He believes he is the only Republican that can defeat Hillary because the other Republicans don’t hit her hard enough.

“What I want to do is run as a Republican and win,” he said. “And I think I will win. I’ll win in the primaries, and I think I’ll win ultimately, and I’ll make our country great again.”

“Our country is going to hell,” Trump added. “So, I just see this all happening, and I said, it’s time to do something about it.”

Carmine Sabia


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