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Reno city hall replaces Old Glory with LGBT flag; residents outraged

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The mayor of Reno, Nevada, had some explaining to do when the “rainbow” flag for gay rights replaced the American flag above city hall for almost an entire day during a gay pride celebration.

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve said in a statement posted on KTVN-TV‘s Facebook page:

I was alerted tonight that the US flag was not flying over City Hall. I can most certainly see why people would be offended or upset. I did not order that the American flag be taken down. I have asked that the flag be put back immediately! It was certainly not the city’s intention to be disrespectful and never should have happened. I will take full responsibility since I represent this city. I have family members who have served and I know the importance of the ultimate sacrifice they have made for our country. I am very proud to be an American and we should always support our troops and veterans no matter what. I too am offended and there is no excuse for this. Those who have served deserve the highest respect for their service. My sincerest apologies!!!


Despite the mayor’s claim that she was unaware of the pride flag hoisted above city hall, apparently someone in Reno’s city government planned the switch.

The City of Reno said in an official statement that “While we made an error in not flying the American flag along with the pride flag, when we discovered we were not flying both, we immediately returned to flying the American flag.”

Although Old Glory was again flying from the flag pole atop the building by 9 p.m., some citizens expressed their outrage on the television station’s Facebook page.



Steve Berman


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