D is the new R: Dems turn out for Jeb, heaping on praise – and CASH


Rich Democrats like the cut of Jeb Bush’s jib so much that they’re piling cash into his campaign coffers.

In the exclusive Hamptons in New York Saturday, Bush glad-handed CEOs and hedge-fund managers with his well-oiled money pitch — but this meeting was hosted by a Democrat, and half the attendees were also Democrats, Bloomberg reported Monday.

“This guy sells well,” said Kenneth Lipper, the money manager and registered Democrat who hosted the event, after Bush left. Virtually the only one who left without writing a check, Lipper said, was a buck deer that wandered past the group assembled on the wooded grounds.


You can practically smell the money emanating from Bush as he travels in the rarefied circles of rich blue-bloods (and blue politics).

“People with money like him,” said Andrew Sabin, 69, a top local Republican fundraiser and a co-host of one of the Bush events. “I’m sure there’s a lot of poor people that like him too. It so happens there’s not a lot of poor people in the Hamptons.”


Steve Berman


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