Black Lives Matter crowd threatens, harasses white reporter taking video at public event

Things got ugly for a white reporter trying to record a gathering of the Movement for Black Lives over the weekend at Cleveland State University in Ohio, as harassment turned to intimidation, then to threats and jeers.

“I got 800 black people behind me, what the f*** you going to do?” one demonstrator said, as reporter Brandon Blackwell of the Northeast Ohio Media Group tried to stop demonstrators from grabbing at his camera.

“If you think you’re intimidating me, you’re not,” Blackwell said.

“The f*** you gonna do?” the demonstrator repeated.

Blackwell’s attempts to explain that he was there to record the demonstrators’ story — including that some had apparently been pepper-sprayed by police — went nowhere.

The Movement for Black Lives story apparently wasn’t for a white reporter.

It was an atmosphere rife with paranoia and hostility.

Strong language warning:


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