School district slapped with $7,500 fine for allowing prayer at voluntary student gathering

In America today, you have to pay to pray sometimes. And for some, it pays not to. A Mississippi school district has been fined $7,500 to a […]

Trump gushes over Sarah Palin; carves a spot in future administration

Donald Trump has made a lot of controversial comments during his campaign, but recent statements saying he would welcome Sarah Palin as an adviser in his future administration […]

Concealed carry holder stops double-fisted shooter after wild shootout threatens baby

A wild shootout that threatened the life of a 1-year-old ended with the bad guy in the hospital and another victory for a good guy with a […]

Creative dad writes hilarious ‘Taken’ note invoking movie to get kids to clean kitchen

A movie-loving father found a creative way to get his kids to clean the kitchen. He wrote his kids a note about his “particular set of skills.” […]

NRA prepares to fight against Obama’s ‘largest gun grab in American history’

The NRA is mustering its biggest guns on Capitol Hill to defeat a White House maneuver it calls the “largest gun grab in American history.” And one […]

Ivana Trump backs her ex: ‘Rape story without merit . . . he’d make an incredible president’

Anyone thinking that Donald Trump will take a beating in the polls over recently resurfaced accusations from 1989 that he raped his then-wife, Ivana Trump, might want […]

Liberal magazine actually explores how Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby

For liberals, Bill Clinton is a rock star. Bill Cosby is a villain. Camille Paglia – the self-described “dissident feminist” and vocal “cultural critic” who made her […]

Women’s running magazine triggers debate over plus-sized model

Women’s Running Magazine is taking a different route with its upcoming August cover by featuring a plus-sized model instead of a more athletic-looking model readers are accustomed […]

Krauthammer comes down on Cruz: An act of ‘amazing hypocrisy’ to refuse to attack Trump

Ted Cruz‘s epic battle with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor flowed onto the Fox News set Monday when two influential personalities called out […]

If I ran, ‘I could win’: Obama says he’d be a shoo-in for third term

Could the country take four more years of this? President Obama told an audience in Ethiopia on Tuesday that not only has he done a bang-up job […]

Black Lives Matter crowd threatens, harasses white reporter taking video at public event

Things got ugly for a white reporter trying to record a gathering of the Movement for Black Lives over the weekend at Cleveland State University in Ohio, […]

Reno city hall replaces Old Glory with LGBT flag; residents outraged

The mayor of Reno, Nevada, had some explaining to do when the “rainbow” flag for gay rights replaced the American flag above city hall for almost an […]