WSJ editor: Force terrorists to listen to Hillary speech, ‘they’ll tell you everything’

Hillary Clinton‘s core campaign problem is more than the blossoming email scandal from her days as secretary of state or the troubled money trail to the Clinton Foundation.

It’s Hillary Clinton herself, a Wall Street Journal editor said Saturday.

In fact, Hillary’s inability to connect with the general public is so bad, and her speaking style so grating, that The Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz jokingly suggested her speeches could be exactly what an enhanced interrogation program needs to get terrorists to talk.

“This is a person who is difficult to listen to,” Rabinowitz said, discussing Hillary’s sagging poll numbers on Saturday’s “Journal Editorial Report” on Fox News.

“I used to think that if you wanted to extract information from terrorists, all you have to do is put them in the room with Hillary Clinton and force them to listen to her speech. They’ll tell you everything after that.”

Hillary’s  voice, which has been compared to the sound of fingernails dragging across a chalk board, could be just the thing to substitute for waterboarding — and it doesn’t leave much of a mark.

Now, back to those emails.

Watch the clip below via Fox News


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