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‘Simply wow!’ Andrea Tantaros’ smoking HOT beach pic has conservatives fans overheating

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Andrea Tantaros sees her share of heated conversations during her day job on “The Five,” but they’re nothing compared to the heat she puts out herself on vacation.

The brunette babe with the conservative brain posted a special present to her Instagram followers Sunday straight from the beach.

Making sandcastles is still really fun #weekend #sunday #beach

A photo posted by Andrea Tantaros (@andrea_tantaros) on


Social media lit up like the sun in South Florida.  

Some got religion.

Some got corny.

Some got worried.

(She might turn the beach to glass, though.)

Others were simply left speechless.  

Well put, Earl.

Now, anyone familiar enough with “The Five” to know Tantaros’ accustomed position at the table already knows the lady sports fine legs, but the camera isn’t usually so generous.

But the best part of the Tantaros beach picture is its undeniable proof that conservative women really pack heat (literally in a lot of cases.) Let’s face it, the leggiest liberal in Hollywood would wilt like lettuce trying to compete with Tantaros here.  

Not quite unmatched. It’s too bad Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino weren’t along. But their sandcastle pics would be just as stunning.

And speaking of Tantaros’s co-hosts, here’s the reaction that summed it up best.

That’s been true all along.

Thanks, Andrea.

CORRECTION: This post originally included an incorrect first name for Kimberly Guilfoyle.



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