Sharpton’s new media-watchdog site props up his daughter – the one suing NY for 5 mil

Al Sharpton plans to launch a media-watchdog blog to “flip the script” on an industry that remains largely supportive of his antics, and one of the blog’s first orders of business appears to be to prop up Sharpton’s daughter.

In a post on Instagram, Sharpton’s National Action Network announced the coming launch of “The Shift Daily,” which it claims to be “the news source for today’s millennial activist.”

“They say if you don’t define your reality, others will do it for you,” wrote Rachel Noerdlinger, a longtime Sharpton aide.

Never mind that Sharpon creates his own reality five days a week in prime-time as host of his own show on MSNBC — although the new endeavor could be a tacit admission from the race hustler that he’s aware of his dismal ratings.

Media Equalizer reported that while the new blog’s not up and running yet, it discovered in an area not intended for public viewing “a laudatory piece on… the reverend’s 28-year-old daughter.”

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Dominique Sharpton — a chip off the ol’ block if ever there was one — filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city for “permanent” injuries she claimed to have suffered from a fall on a New York sidewalk.

But she took a beating in the media recently when she posted photos on social media of her taking part in various physical activities — such as mountain climbing in Bali, Indonesia.

Media Equalizer posted a screen shot that included a story under the banner of “Social Justice” calling Dominique “a powerful youth advocate.” She also appears to be contributing articles.

All of which may be an indication the 60-year-old shakedown artist is working to preserve the family legacy, such as it is:


Tom Tillison


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