College kids tune Dems out: DNC speaks to empty rooms on college campus

If Democrats are counting on the youth vote on 2016, they might not be counting very high.

Because if empty lecture halls and widely ignored campaign parties are any evidence, going to a Democrat event for a young college student these days is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

A Young Americans for Hillary Party advertised for Sunday generated so little interest that on Friday, nobody had taken a single reminder from a flier posted in Manchester, N.H.

Meanwhile, the College Democrats of America’s annual conference sported a nearly empty room Friday at the University of the District of Columbia, as Donna Brazille, vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, gave an impromptu speech to just about nobody.

“I didn’t come here with any talking points, I don’t have a speech, I don’t have a candidate yet, but I do have an empty chair,” said Brazile, using a chair in an attempt to encourage “millennials” to get involved in politics.

It appears that Brazile had plenty of empty chairs, based on photos of the event.


Democrats simply have little to offer young millennials and college students. With an aging grandma and a 1960s-era socialist crank competing for the title of “most boring candidate,” it’s obvious that the kids have tuned out and turned off their message.


Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has been starting and running businesses for 25 years. Writing about conservative causes is his passion.
Steve Berman


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