MSNBC reporter shut down by Trump ADMITS watching illegal border crossing

Who’s he going to believe, liberal dogma or his own lyin’ eyes?

The day after an MSNBC reporter was shut down by presidential hopeful Donald Trump at a Texas border town, he announced to his viewers that he’d personally witnessed two immigrants illegally cross into the United States in broad daylight.

MSNBC and Telemundo reporter Jose Diaz-Balart was reporting on his confrontation with Trump on Thursday when Trump silenced the reporter by saying, “You’re finished.”

During an interview Friday with U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who represents the Laredo area, Diaz-Balart claimed that he didn’t understand what Trump was talking about.

“[Trump] wouldn’t answer what the great danger is [about the border],” Diaz-Balart said. “I don’t know. Is the great danger the fact that Laredo is a city that is 95%-plus Latino? Is it that I was trying to ask him a question? Are those the dangers that he fears? Because one in Laredo finds a very safe environment.”

Then the reporter, possibly without realizing it, answered his own question. The “danger” at the border is that it’s too porous.

“However, Congressman, while we’ve been here in the morning, we saw two people cross the border,” Diaz-Balart admitted. “Through the river into Laredo. They were tackled by officials right here. So there is a porous border. Congressman, what can and should be done to control this country’s borders?”

At the heart of it, that’s exactly what Trump is asking, too.

Watch the clip.


36 thoughts on “MSNBC reporter shut down by Trump ADMITS watching illegal border crossing

  1. M&M says:

    Border fences: they’re everywhere. Saudi Arabia is building a fence, So is Bulgaria. They’re to keep out unwelcome migrants, criminals and insurgents. the longer border fences in the world are those of Morocco, Israel and the one between India and Pakistan. Yet Hussein Obama stopped the building of a border fence along the southern border in 2009 and claism that it is not possible to stop border invaders. Hungary to finish Serbia border fence by August 31: PM Orban. its anti-migrant fence on its southern border. along the entire 175-kilometre (110 mile) length of the border. A recent news story title “Syrians break through border fence fleeing violence.” Greece is building a border fence along its border with Turkey to keep out illegal immigrants, Citizen Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis said. Greece’s 206-kilometer (128-mile) border with Turkey is the most common entry point for illegal immigrants to the European Union from Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia. Perhaps the problem with the Democrats in building a border fence is the fact that a Jewish company was contracted to Build U.S.-Mexico Border Fence. The Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) was awarded a $145 million contract.

    1. Patriot23 says:

      Donald Trump wants to build a “wall”, not just a mere fence. Like the great wall of China. Only way to keep the cockroaches out.

      1. RetiredRailman-Nam-Vet says:

        That wouldn’t stop anything, you need to get rid of the sugar to stop the ants, meaning start fining the company’s that hire them.. These company’s are law breakers account 95% of them pay under the table. They need to be fined half of whatever the value of the company is worth, believe me their wouldn’t be many fines handed out.. Word would spread fast and all company’s would be checking for legal status of their employees. With no one hiring them 80% of the illegals would move back to their own country, the other 20% are criminals caught and sent to concentration camps, tent city in the desert, the hottest one in the US and after 2yrs of bread and water released and sent back to their country, believe me they wouldn’t be coming back.

  2. CoonOkie says:

    Here’s your sign. STUPID

  3. J_R_K says:

    I cannot for the life of me see why so many people who lock their own doors and windows when they go to bed at night to prevent their own homes from being invaded would want to paint the idea of locking the doors and windows of the whole country to invaders as a racist idea. How smart is that?

    1. pb says:

      Not very….and that is a great analogy!! We have a govt made up of fools with more than a few loose screws!! Some with no screws at all…..and all with no common sense!!!

  4. TPS12 says:

    congress the do nothing bunch just collect pay checks while Trump tells the truth and msm doesn’t want to hear it.

  5. billwhit1357 says:

    Being and expatriate, living overseas, there was no MSLSD when I moved, but a few years ago, when I was visiting my homestate of Oklahoma, I watched it and actually thought it was like another Saturday Night Live, a comedy show, because they were so off the wall and ignorant, then my sister told me No, that Leftists actually consider this News, lol! I guess the Leftist mind it truly deranged to believe so much that is not true or right, just as the immortal Ronald Reagan said!

  6. Seniorsquadldr says:

    R.I.P. America.

  7. SD2AUS says:

    Larado Texas “Safe”-there is an oximoron. When I drive through ElPaso, Texas, I can see people wading across the Rio Grande…our Federal Government not only does not want Border Patrol not inforcing our National Border-and not returning gun fire when shot at, it does not want ICE or local Law Enforcement, stopping, identifying, detaining nor deporting the Illegal Aliens. Stop talking about the Mexicans fleeing their homeland because of the Cartel VIolence, failed economy and curruption; we are letting EVERYONE IN from parts unknown. The new law proposed addresses only “Aggrivated Felonies”; what you need to know is that list is short and there are plenty of other crimes that should be included that a “reasonable person” would find appaulling that is can be committed and allowed to stay. Remember MOST criminal case are reduced with a guilty plea (plea barganing). The ignored issues are that local (Cities, Counties, and States) Law Enforcements are not being reimbursed for doing the Feds work (policing, arrrest, court costs, detentions, transportation…). What’s not to know: we are a Nation of laws-not being enforced because its “politically in-correct”? And here is what is out there to assist/aid:

  8. SA Arms says:

    Is he that damn stupid?

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