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MSNBC reporter shut down by Trump ADMITS watching illegal border crossing

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Who’s he going to believe, liberal dogma or his own lyin’ eyes?

The day after an MSNBC reporter was shut down by presidential hopeful Donald Trump at a Texas border town, he announced to his viewers that he’d personally witnessed two immigrants illegally cross into the United States in broad daylight.

MSNBC and Telemundo reporter Jose Diaz-Balart was reporting on his confrontation with Trump on Thursday when Trump silenced the reporter by saying, “You’re finished.”

During an interview Friday with U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat who represents the Laredo area, Diaz-Balart claimed that he didn’t understand what Trump was talking about.

“[Trump] wouldn’t answer what the great danger is [about the border],” Diaz-Balart said. “I don’t know. Is the great danger the fact that Laredo is a city that is 95%-plus Latino? Is it that I was trying to ask him a question? Are those the dangers that he fears? Because one in Laredo finds a very safe environment.”

Then the reporter, possibly without realizing it, answered his own question. The “danger” at the border is that it’s too porous.

“However, Congressman, while we’ve been here in the morning, we saw two people cross the border,” Diaz-Balart admitted. “Through the river into Laredo. They were tackled by officials right here. So there is a porous border. Congressman, what can and should be done to control this country’s borders?”

At the heart of it, that’s exactly what Trump is asking, too.

Watch the clip.


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