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‘Laughable’: Obama lectures Kenya on corruption — guess who he calls a model of reform?

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If nothing else, the presidential trip to Kenya proves one thing: Barack Obama lives in his own sense of reality — where rose colored glasses are a prerequisite.

In addition to ignoring warnings from Kenyan politicians and religious leaders about challenging the African country on gay rights, Obama also lectured his hosts on government corruption.

And he used Chicago as a positive example!


Never mind the multiple scandals that have rocked his administration, where did Obama ever get the idea that Chicago has overcome the corruption it’s famous for?

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The conservative blog, Victory Girls, sized the interesting choice up best:

You know, that would be the same place where four of the last seven governors have sent to prison for, um, corruption. And the last governor who went to prison, Rod Blagojevich, was convicted of trying to sell off the president’s former Senate seat for cash and favors, among other charges.


All of which prompted one social media user to ask, “Chicago is cleaned up? Is this a comedy routine???”

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter, summed up in a word: “Laughable.”

Tom Tillison


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