‘In God We Trust’ notches up ANOTHER win as city enshrines motto on its SEAL

godwetrust0726The more secular progressives move to erase God from the public square in America, the more the pendulum swings back in the other direction.

Following on the heels of a report last week about a Missouri sheriff placing “In God We Trust” stickers on all patrol vehicles, WTXL-TV reported that the city of Live Oak, Florida, has agreed to place the motto on its city seal.

“In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United Sates — a distinction that has been upheld by the courts, to the angst of non-believers. The phrase is also Florida’s state motto.

Secularists who misinterpret the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, and demand a strict separation of church and state, continue to oppose this reality.

Live Oak City Council voted unanimously to place the phrase on its seal, which now reads “City of Live Oak Florida – Heart of the Suwanee River Valley.”

And the practice is becoming more widespread.

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WTXL reported the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office, mimicking the actions of their Missouri brethren, will be joining the Bay County Sheriff’s Department, a second Florida county, to add “In God We Trust” bumper stickers to its fleet of vehicles.

“With everything that is going on in the world today, a lot of people disliking police officers, I decided to put them on our vehicle and have somebody look after them,” Wakulla Sheriff Charlie Creel told the ABC affiliate.

And even when elected officials try to avoid using the phrase, they can’t seem to escape it.

When the city council of Venice, Fla. rejected a resident’s request to display a plaque in its chambers that read, “In God We Trust,” it was discovered that the phrase had been there all along — the words are on the seal of the great state of Florida, which is at the center of the Florida state flag already on display in the chambers.

Some may call that divine intervention.

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