‘Hell NO!’ Public bathroom anarchy has Americans ‘shocked’ — and ANGRY

Laura Ingraham’s posting said it all.

The conservative talk radio host tweeted an image of the bizarre “all gender” classification of a public restroom in the San Diego airport, illustrating of what appears to be a free for all when it comes to who can use which public restrooms.

Ingraham’s caption: “Lord help us. San Diego Airport Bathroom Signage. Ladies, is this really what you want?”

With former Olympic athlete Bruce “Call Me Caitlin” Jenner bringing “trangender-ism” to the front pages, all-gender restrooms are likely to become the norm in the age of tolerance ushered in by the progressive left.

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While noted conservative blogger Sooper Mexican chose to have a little fun with it on social media — a reasonable reaction — those who have more at risk took a more serious approach. There’s one thing that seems clear, a lot of women are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a restroom with biological males.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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