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MSNBC reporter warns: High-stakes Hillary email probe could ‘completely change 2016 contest’

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You know things are not going well for Hillary Clinton when MSNBC starts talking about her private email accounts.

Network political reporter Alex Seitz-Wald said Friday that a potential criminal investigation into whether Clinton mishandled classified emails as secretary of state could have “enormous consequences” on the 2016 presidential race.

Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation, although the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign says Clinton did nothing wrong and complied with all requirements in using her private email account.

“The stakes are incredibly high, but there are still lots of questions to which we still do not have answers,” Seitz-Wald said on “News Nation.”

Again, this is MSNBC, which often serves as little more than an extension of the Democratic National Committee.

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“But two big questions here: one, is Hillary Clinton the target of those potential investigations?” Seitz-Wald added. “And two, is it the emails themselves or is it the way the State Department went about releasing them to the public, which they’ve already started doing?”

He said the answers to those questions could bring on “hugely potential different consequences.”

“If Clinton is the target, if the emails are the target, that has the potential to completely change the 2016 contest, enormous consequences,” Seitz-Wald said.

The reporter added that “even if this is much ado about nothing,” it hurts Clinton.

“This speech today on Wall Street on what she would do to rein in corporate unaccountability, she wants this to be the headline of the day,” he said. “She does not want us to be talking about her emails, and the fact that we are means not a good day for Hillary Clinton.”

Seitz-Wald spoke with José Díaz-Balart about the investigation earlier in the day Friday.

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