Josh Earnest feeds press slop with a grin: ‘Senator Cruz held a ‘pro-war’ rally in front of the White House’

If you disagree with the Obama administration about Iran, you’re a war-monger, the White House seems to think.

When Sen. Ted Cruz started a rally outside the executive mansion to protest the nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic, White House press secretary Josh Earnest mischaracterized it as a “pro-war” demonstration.

“I was aware that Sen. Cruz was planning to hold a pro-war rally,” Earnest said of the event, organized by the Texas Republican and 2016 presidential candidate.

In a follow-up, a semi-amused female reporter asked: “A pro-war rally? Is that what you just called it?”

“I did,” he answered proudly.

“Any other thoughts about it?” she asked.

“I think that pretty much says it all,” Earnest finished, with a grin.


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