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Ted Cruz clobbers Code Pink protesters in Iran debate — and does it with CLASS

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Code Pink should have known better. Ted Cruz is a champion debater.

The Republican U.S. senator from Texas had just begun delivering his remarks at Thursday’s Stop Iran DC rally when he was loudly interrupted by a group of Code Pink activists with megaphones.

“We want diplomacy, not war!” they said.

The demonstrators for Code Pink, a left-wing women’s peace group, were soon shouted down by a crowd that was there to hear Cruz speak.

“We want Ted!” they chanted.

Cruz restored order out of what was soon becoming chaos when he invited a Code Pink spokeswoman to debate. It wasn’t even close.

Some of Cruz’s points:

“This deal will send over $100 billion to Iran, and those billions of dollars will be used to murder Americans by jihadists.”

“I recognize the folks in Code Pink like to hold up signs saying ‘Peace With Iran.’ Do you know who doesn’t reciprocate those views?” he asked. “Iran. In the midst of this negotiation, the Ayatollah Khamenei led thousands of Iranians in chanting ‘Death to America’ while they burned American flags and Israeli flags.”

“Listen to President [Hassan] Rouhani of Iran when he says, ‘We have gotten everything we want out of this deal.’ This deal is a complete capitulation by President [Barack] Obama to radical Islamic theocratic zealots that want to murder millions of Americans.”

“I would encourage our friends from Code Pink to do what they suggested they didn’t want to do, which is learn from history. Munich in 1938, they may well too have been holding up banners saying, ‘We want peace with Nazi Germany.’ You cannot have peace with a lunatic zealot who wants to murder you.”

Cruz eventually segued into what may have been his intended speech. By that point, Code Pink had little to say.

Watch the performance below.


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