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Mexican-American woman stuns CNN: Trump is just telling the TRUTH!

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Mainstream media’s television cameras had no problem finding Latinos protesting Donald Trump’s visit to the Mexican border Thursday.

But what CNN’s crew clearly wasn’t expecting to find was some people supporting the Republican presidential candidate.

Among them was Rosa Palacios, who got into quite a few verbal confrontations with anti-Trump protesters at the event, according to CNN.

“I like what he’s doing. I love what he’s gonna be doing,” she said. “I’m praying for all of his intentions. What he’s talking about and what he’s going to be doing, I hope they go through.”

An incredulous CNN reporter had to double-check to make sure she was a Mexican-American, and asked her if she was insulted by Trump’s assertion that many undocumented Mexicans are rapists and killers.

“No, sir, not at all,” Palacios said. “He’s talking just about the truth.”

The truth. What a novel concept.

Carmine Sabia


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