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Ann Coulter DISSECTS immigration reform for Megyn Kelly — and it rhymes!

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Ann Coulter‘s message was simple:

Democrats can’t win elections by changing Americans’ minds, so they’re simply changing Americans. And they’ve been doing it for decades.

That was the lesson the conservative author and columnist rought to Megyn Kelly Thursday on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.

“This is just a massive plan of the Democrats to inundate the nation with people who are going to bloc-vote for the Democrats,” Coulter said. “Obama never would have been elected but for Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act.”

That law, which abolished immigration quotas based on national origin to allow more families of immigrants to enter the country, fostered more immigration from poorer countries — which produced a massive influx of new citizens from Asia and Latin America.

Coulter, whose latest book “Adios America” takes a withering look at American immigration, said Democrat strategists laugh about it, calling it “the Kennedy family’s greatest gift to the Democrats.”

“Who gets to live and vote in America is the most important issue,” Coulter said. “And these illegal immigrants –or legal immigrants — who go around demanding, ‘you have to be nice to us or we might not vote for Donald Trump.'”

Those immigrants are trying to horn in on affirmative action benefits the country provides for blacks to deal with the legacy of slavery, she said.

“No! You’re guests in this country, you aren’t black,” she said. “We [Republicans] care about race and civil rights because the Democrats fought a war to preserve slavery and Democrats imposed Jim Crow laws for 100 years.

“If you have no right to even be in this country, America hasn’t done anything to you,” she said. “You’re the ones who should be being grateful to us and hoping you’ll be allowed to come in legally.”

Coulter even has a motto for the illegal immigration problem.

There are way too many, and there shouldn’t be any,” she said. “It even rhymes.”

Carmine Sabia


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