San Fran victim’s brother makes nice with Trump; disgusted by White House snub

brad artKate Steinle‘s family is still waiting for Obama to call.

In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Wednesday, the brother of the young woman killed by a five-time-deported criminal alien in San Francisco on July 1 voiced his disappointment over the fact that the White House isn’t taking his sister’s death and the dangers of sanctuary city policy seriously.

Brad Steinle also acknowledged he appreciates the attention the family has received from presidential contender Donald Trump. It’s more than he’s gotten from the administration.

“They don’t see Kate,” Steinle said on “The Kelly File.”

“They don’t see her death as something that’s meaningful,”

The Steinle family visited Washington for the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on illegal immigration on Wednesday to advocate for what Steinle called “logical” legislation that would protect law abiding American citizens.

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Kelly noted the Steinles have already gotten their answer from the White House about the possibility of changing any laws pertaining to sanctuary cities: It’s not going to happen.

“You testify, and already you hear from Josh Earnest, [that] these are not serious proposals,” Kelly said.

Steinle was visibly disappointed, but will not be deterred.

“It’s hard to hear. We put forth our best effort to try and make a change,” Steinle said.

“But, we’re going to keep pushing. We’re going to keep on trying to find like-minded people that understand what we’re trying to accomplish,” Steinle said.

As far as that call from Obama?

It probably won’t happen anytime soon.

“It’s like what happened in Chattanooga,” Steinle said. “[The White House] waited four days to lower the flag to half-staff. We’ve sat and waited two weeks for a call.”

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Kelly brought the administration’s blatant snub into perspective, bringing up a past incident that prompted a highly publicized condolence call from Obama.

“Sandra Fluke, a birth control activist received a call from President Obama, personally, because Rush Limbaugh had called her a nasty name,” Kelly said.

“And they cannot make the time to call your family, after policies they support, and won’t change, led to the death of your sister? It’s hard to believe.”

Steinle agreed.

“It is. It’s hard to believe. With government and people’s agendas, they have blinders on,” he said.

Kelly asked Steinle if Trump had reached out to his family.

“He has. He’s called a couple of times. It’s more than some have done,” Steinle said.

Last week, Steinle accused Trump of sensationalizing his sister’s murder during an interview with the liberal CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Now, it seems, Steinle has put his criticism of Trump behind him.

“I actually respect him,” he said.


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