FLASHBACK video: Obama fawns over Planned Parenthood butchers . . . ‘God bless you’

obamapp0722smallAs Planned Parenthood’s butchery-for-bucks schemes gets more exposure, the rabidly pro-abortion President Obama’s support for the group gets more revolting.

The release of a second, damning undercover video Tuesday showing a top Planned Parenthood executive dickering over the body parts of dismembered children, just makes the savagery at the heart of the nation’s largest abortion provider more evident.

And it makes it even more stomach-turning to watch the president of the United States saying “Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you,” as he does in this speech in 2013.


69 thoughts on “FLASHBACK video: Obama fawns over Planned Parenthood butchers . . . ‘God bless you’

  1. Marilyn Stern says:

    Obama meant what he said then, and he probably means it now. After 20 weeks (5 months) a fetus is viable. An abortion after 20 weeks is outright murder. And then there’s “infanticide by neglect,” a bill that was introduced by Obama when he was a senator. I support a woman’s right to choose, but after 20 weeks, abortion should no longer be one of her choices. There are too many people out there who would welcome the chance to be loving parents.

    1. teila says:

      So many people just besides themselves and can’t wait to adopt a black baby with really ‘ethnic’ features, let alone an underweight special needs crack baby. Generally speaking, adoption doesn’t work.

      1. Marilyn Stern says:

        Hopefully, crack mothers abort their babies within the first five months of their pregnancies. But saying adoption doesn’t work, is ludicrous. I have seen way too many adopted children, of every race and religion, to ever say that adoption does not work. Do you really prefer partial birth abortion and/or infanticide by neglect? Both are barbaric and nothing short of murder.

        1. teila says:

          It’s not about what you’ve seen. The fact is that here in the U.S., people are very slow to adopt non-white babies, let alone toddlers, pre-teens and teenagers. You can tout that adoption works ’till the cows come home, but when it comes to metering the population who is most apt to be: jobless, incarcerated, uneducated, and gravitate to, or be brought up in (regardless of the circumstances) an atmosphere of violence abortion is tried and true and works. Comparatively speaking, adoption does not work. That fact is true irrespective of how barbaric and murderous you think abortion is. Abortion works.

  2. Mace Tofu says:

    Planned Parenthood has killed half the blacks in the United States. Without PP there would be twice as many Blacks living in the US today. Does Obama think that is a good thing? I know they had a choice but many were talked into it without really thinking what they were doing to the black population in the US. The founder of PP knew it and wanted Negroes (her words) to be aborted or sterilized.

    1. teila says:

      If you can’t take care of your child and want the tax payer’s assistance, you SHOULD be sterilized no matter you skin colour. Better than that, just keep abortion legal, and that alone takes care of what people don’t like to talk about. It keeps crime from rising. It lessons a demographic (black, white, yellow, etc.) of people that do not make good citizens who strive to learn a trade, get a career, pay taxes, purchase a home, and live quietly with their respectful children. It keeps home values in many locales from plummeting.

      I vote for keeping “choice” and I think it’s time for Obama to go.

      1. Marilyn Stern says:

        I vote for choice, but if a woman cannot decide she wants an abortion before she is 5 months pregnant then the choice should no longer be hers. After 20 weeks the fetus is viable, so it is no longer choice, it is murder. The reason they call it “partial birth abortion” and/or “infanticide by neglect” is because they have to “kill” the fetus in order to abort it.

        1. teila says:

          I agree on that point; 5 months is too long. What’s sorely needed is more advanced birth control– e.g. a “two month after “pill”, that’s very affective and readily available over-the-counter at a price that poor people can easily afford.

    2. Marilyn Stern says:

      I never heard, or read about your allegations, but I feel that the people who should be subjected to forced birth control, or even sterilization, are addicts (and there are addicts of every color) because the vast majority of babies born to them are doomed.

  3. Andy Ruby says:

    Remember Ovomit backed killing of infants in the womb when he was in the Chicago Senate. There is a picture to illustrate this. GOD is reaching down with his finger trying to touch an infants finger to save him & Ovomit saying “You keep out of this”

    1. teila says:

      awwwww. touching.

      1. Andy Ruby says:

        Seems your comment is very sarcastic. If I read you right, maybe you should have been aborted. That would be touching.

    2. Marilyn Stern says:

      Obama introduced the bill for “infanticide by neglect” when he was in the senate.

      1. Andy Ruby says:

        Marilyn Stern by neglect? That is a hell of a thing to neglect. However, your statement is not true. I refer you to the book The Amateur, by Edward Klein, page 24 which also shows the picture of what I described in my initial post. Please get back to me if you check out what I referred you to, to retract your comment.

  4. Ken Arts says:

    Washington is so deceived.
    It seems like the Holocaust, all over again.

  5. Mlm46 says:

    God bless you? Is he kidding? What a twisted mind!

  6. Rose says:

    He voted 4 times for infanticide. Of course he loves planned parenthood.

  7. joanc says:

    He was probably complimenting his buddy Holder’s wife for owning an abortion clinic with her sister. Wasn’t Obama against abortion before he was all for it?

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