US flag finally flying at half-mast, five days after attack; did Boehner have a part?

Five long days after the killing of four Marines and one Navy Petty Officer in targeted attacks on two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee last week, D.C. officials are getting around to showing their “respect” for the fallen.

The American flag was finally put in its rightful position today and lowered to half-staff after reports that John Boehner ordered the flag be lowered.

The order may have come in response to a growing, and angry, chorus of Americans demanding to know why the flag wasn’t lowered immediately.

Montel Williams and “Lone Survivor’s” Lucas Luttrell, were just a few of the big names that have taken to social media to raise awareness over Old Glory’s status at the nation’s capital.

Their messages have apparently reached D.C. elites. But it’s a shame it had to take an online movement to make U.S. officials finally do the right thing.

But today is another day:

It’s lowered, but is it too late?

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