St. Louis lawmaker gives POWERFUL, raw, impromptu speech after nephew’s murder: ‘Guns are for cowards’


After his 23-year-old nephew was killed in a shooting last week, a St. Louis alderman scolded his city’s teens, saying that “guns are for cowards” and calling the city’s escalating violence sad and sickening.

Ward 22 Alderman Jeffrey Boyd minced no words in a video posted Monday by KMOV-TV, telling kids that “there’s plenty to do besides shooting and killing each other.”

Ward 22 is 95 percent black, with a population that’s shrunk 22 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to the 2010 census report.

“People say they need stuff to do,” Boyd said, raising his voice. “We have recreation centers in the city of St. Louis. You can go play basketball.”

“We march every time the police shoot and kill somebody,” he shouted. “But we’re not marching when they’re killing each other in the streets.

“Let’s march for that.”

Reaching an emotional crescendo, Boyd called on young people to do better and put down the guns.  “Cowards use guns. Guns are for cowards.

“That is not how we handle our differences. We can do better than this, St. Louis.”

“There is no glory, there is no honor in killing somebody,” he said, warning, “And, sooner or later, you will be caught.”

Watch the entire video below:


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