MSNBC shamelessly shills for Planned Parenthood, warns of new ‘racially-charged’ videos

MSNBC’s so-called coverage of Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish body parts business was slanted beyond any definition of a news organization, and now the network is simply reading from the abortion provider’s script before more damaging videos are released—it must be really bad.

Planned Parenthood’s senior counsel’s response to a congressional request related to July 14th’s video warned of more videos that may make “racially-charged claims.”

Despite the fact that the full unedited video was released at the exact same time as the edited version showing Dr. Deborah Nucatola casually discussing fetal body parts, MSNBC’s Monday story began with this:

Planned Parenthood, under fire for a heavily-edited video suggesting the organization violated federal law in facilitating the donation of fetal tissue, says it believes future videos may make racially-charged claims. The health provider and advocacy group also says the anti-abortion group posing as a medical research procurement company may have had access to the inside of its clinics, jeopardizing “our patients’ privacy and dignity.”


 A second bombshell video was released on Tuesday. 

Good work MSNBC. I’d like to see how you’ll spin the part where the doctor jokes about wanting a Lamborghini in exchange for body parts.

Conservative Twitter users are asking how this one-sided report can be considered “news.”

Planned Parenthood’s letter ominously warns that the new videos will be racially-charged. Apparently, they know something and they’re trying to get ahead of what could be a huge story.

When—if—new videos are released, racially-sensitive MSNBC might find itself in an awkward position.

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Steve Berman


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