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Montel Williams: ‘Mr. President, lower flag, stop making service members wonder what they’re fighting for’

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Respect for United States armed forces is a top priority for TV personality Montel Williams and he won’t give President Obama a free pass on it.

Williams unloaded on Donald Trump this week over his reckless comments mocking Sen. John McCain for being captured and held as a POW during McCain’s time of service.

His latest public scolding is directed at Obama for not ordering the federal flags to be flown at half mast in honor of five servicemen helplessly slaughtered by an Islamic extremist on Thursday in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

So, its now Monday evening. Did I miss an explanation from this President as to why he hasn’t ordered the flag to half mast after 5 service members and 1 police officer were assassinated by a deranged terrorist in Chattanooga, Tennessee????? Serious question.
They were assassinated in cold blood right here in the United States simply for wearing a uniform… By a terrorist… Does that not merit a measure of solemn respect? Mr. President, lower the flag and stop making servicemembers wonder what they are fighting for, please sir.


Posted by Montel Williams on Monday, July 20, 2015

Williams’ service record includes several years in the US Navy before becoming involved in public speaking and eventually landing a job hosting the popular television talk show, “The Montel Williams Show.”

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