Coulter on fire! GOP ‘midgets’ ripping Trump have said much worse

Donald Trump can still count on the support of one conservative who is no stranger to making controversial comments and being attacked by the left wing media.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” author and political commentator Ann Coulter told host Sean Hannity she is sticking by the embattled billionaire despite his comments about Sen. John McCain’s war hero status.

“It was a mistake and he’s taken it back 20 times since then,” she said. “He has made it very clear John McCain is a war hero.

“This enormous hysteria over a flip remark that was a mistake by Donald Trump – I think it’s a mistake that Jeb Bush called illegal immigration an act of love,” Coulter said “Is he going to apologize to Kate Steinle’s family for that?”


Coulter said the focus needs to stay on immigration and that other mainstream Republicans, whom she called “midgets,” are directing all insults at Trump because he keeps ‘shining a light on it.’

“We’re reading article after article about how ‘Oh his real appeal is that he’s unplugged, and he’s taking on the elites and it’s tea party,’” she said. “I think the issue that has been very obviously at the heart of his campaign is immigration.”

Hannity asked Coulter what she would think if Trump ran as a third party candidate which he said would lead to a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“I promise you Jeb (Bush) or (Marco) Rubio are going to lead to a Hillary presidency, or Rick Perry,” she said.

Carmine Sabia


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