Man charged with murder after shooting intruder at relative’s home

A Georgia man is facing murder charges after authorities allege he shot and killed a man who broke into his relative’s home. According to police officials, Terrance Medina, […]

Christian colleges give big win to PC police by adding two words to hiring policy

Two Christian colleges have adopted new policies that will land them in potential conflict with their denomination’s belief that marriage should be a union between a man […]

Video: Gripping testimony of Kate Steinle’s dad before Congress

The father of Kate Steinle called on Congress to pass legislation that would make it tougher for illegal immigrants, like the one who killed his daughter, to find […]

Marc Lamont Hill tells white people why they’re not allowed to say ‘white lives matter’

CNN political analyst Marc Lamont Hill thinks Democrat presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley was right in apologizing for saying “All lives matter,” because black lives need to be […]

Two illegals mock deportation laws, become suspects in neighbor’s death

Despite clear deportation orders, two illegal immigrants  from the Dominican Republic remained within America’s porous borders to wreak the kind of havoc that eventually led to the death […]

Baltimore Judge shoots down Marilyn Mosby’s request for gag order in Freddie Gray death

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has lost her bid to put a gag order on the defense lawyers for the police officers charged in the death of Freddie […]

‘Anybody can get captured, right?’: Dem Al Franken mocked McCain’s war record much worse than Trump

If presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s controversial comments about Senator John McCain’s record as a POW sound familiar, that’s because you might have heard something like them before. “He […]

Florida gun store owner declares shop a ‘Muslim-free zone,’ DOJ vows to investigate

A Florida gun store owner says he has the right to deny firearms to anyone he sees as a threat, and has decided to ban Muslims from […]

‘Are you stupid?’ ‘Disgusted’ gay baker rips fellow gays, lesbians who bully Christian bakers

A gay baker took to Facebook to voice his strong support for Christian bakers who are being “bullied” into baking same-sex wedding cakes, calling gay activists “Nazis” for […]

Actress Charlize Theron tells how she once invited Obama to a strip club; Kimmel response hilarious

When Hollywood A-List actress Charlize Theron, star of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” got a chance to meet President Obama, she made a rather indecent proposal. Theron recalled […]

Piers Morgan agrees with Rush! Trump’s ‘never apologize – everybody go to hell’ strategy is WINNING

Donald Trump united two unlikely foes with his controversial statement regarding John McCain’s war hero status not being relevant because he “was captured.” Conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh, […]

O’Reilly tries to break Trump: “McCain shouldn’t be the whipping boy’

Bill O’Reilly told presidential hopeful Donald Trump to “stick to the issues,” and avoid getting personal after the real estate mogul was heavily criticized for comments he […]