Scott Walker’s impressive response to ‘gotcha’ confrontation from immigrant kids is beautiful . . . presidential

“We are a nation of laws.”

GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker gave what was referred to as an “impressive” response as the victim of a set up confrontation by an illegal immigrant and two of his children.

He was firm yet empathetic.

At a campaign stop in Plainfield, Iowa Sunday, he was stopped and questioned by Jose Flores, 38, who is living in the United States illegally along with four children, who are American citizens.

Washington Post political reporter Jenna Johnson, who’s covering Walker’s campaign, tweeted:

Flores asked the Wisconsin governor why he opposed President Obama’s immigration executive actions that would keep his family intact.

“We are a nation of laws,” Walker told him several times, emphasizing that the president had ample opportunity to pass immigration legislation during his first two years in office when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress — yet he didn’t.

He also pointed out that the president’s executive actions on immigration — which Obama himself claimed he didn’t have the authority to do — have been halted in the federal court system.

“My point is that you have to follow the law, follow the process,” he told Flores. “No man or woman is above the law in this country — that’s the beauty of America.”

The Wisconsin State Journal’s Matthew DeFour, who’s also covering the campaign, tweeted:

The Weekly Standard editor William Kristol was impressed by Walker’s performance. He tweeted:

And was this just a chance encounter? Of course not. Walker was set up in what was supposed to have been a “gotcha” moment — and it failed.

Legal Insurrection tweeted:

The Republican Party is fielding an impressive lineup of presidential hopefuls for 2016. Almost every single one would be up for the job. Walker is one of them.

See for yourself.


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