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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Why didn’t GOP stand up to Trump on other issues?

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The left wing media continues to use Donald Trump to push the divide and conquer agenda on Republicans who are often too willing to take the bait.

A case in point was MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell’s appearance on “Meet The Press” Sunday where she wagged her finger at GOP candidates for not attacking Trump sooner.

“They [the Republican candidates] did not stand up against him when he talked so abusively about President Obama,” she said. “Republicans candidates this year did not, collectively, there were some, Jeb Bush, you know, Marcio Rubio and Ricky Perry, but all of them collectively did not stand up when he talked about Mexico and immigrants with such racial rhetoric. It was only when he attacked John McCain that the group [attacked].”

That’s rich coming from someone who has never asked a tough question of a Democrat in her life.

But, as Ted Cruz said, the liberal mainstream media loves “Republican on Republican violence.”

Carmine Sabia


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