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Hillary cringe-worthy Instagram plug for koozies a very bad idea

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Political pundits say Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton patterns her campaign after that of President Obama. And while that opinion may be up for debate, she certainly seems to be mimicking the president’s behavior.

Much like Obama, who has reacted with almost indifference to the deaths of five U.S. service members in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Clinton was preoccupied with posting an awful Snapchat video plugging a beer koozie.

Townhall political editor Guy Benson posted the video on Twitter:

As Twitchy.com noted, Clinton was quick to respond on social media to the deaths of nine African-American parishioners in Charleston, S.C., send out “best wishes” in recognition of the end of Ramadan and even pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, but the U.S. military will just have to wait.

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Oh, and there were three tweets recognizing the “pioneers” in the fight for women’s equality — when it comes to identity politics, Hillary’s covered all the bases.

Here’s a sampling of responses to her pandering, and disrespect for the U.S. military, from Twitter:

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