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ABC’s ‘What would you do?’ finds out how average Americans react to teaching kids to shoot

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ABC News reached a startling conclusion, one that any shooting enthusiast has known for years: No matter what your age, it’s not the gun that’s the problem; it’s the training of the person pulling the trigger.

Friday’s episode of ABC News’ award-winning series, “What Would You Do?” took viewers to a San Antonio, Texas gun shop. They set up hidden cameras throughout the store and hired three actors: A father, his seven-year old son, and a disapproving female customer.

The actress playing the female customer loudly voiced her displeasure at the father, who is depicted buying his son his first gun as a birthday present.

The idea is to see how real customers react. Would they side with the father or the buttinsky customer.

When the disapproving woman in the first scenario objected and called dad’s actions “irresponsible,” a real customer stepped in.

“I think that’s the most responsible thing that father can do with his son right now,” he said. “That’s to teach his son good firearm use, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

In another scenario, the real customer said, “In my opinion, guns don’t kill people. Somebody has to pull the trigger.”

Then he offered a clever analogy.

“Do you blame misspelled words on your pencil?” she asked. “No. So it’s pretty much the same thing.”

At the conclusion of each scenario, host John Quiñones introduced himself to the real customers who spoke up. In each instance their views remained unshakable.

At the end of the clip, Quiñones comes to a startling conclusion — startling for mainstream media at any rate.

“It’s not the age of the user that matters so much, as the training and supervision.”

Watch the clip, via ABC News.


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