Montel Williams’ rant against Trump stands out from rest

TV personality Montel Williams unloaded on GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump after Trump criticized Sen. John McCain’s service record in the Navy as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Williams served in both the Marine Corps as an enlisted man, and the Navy as a commissioned officer after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Trump had called McCain a “dummy” Friday, and the following day made sarcastic remarks about McCain being captured by the North Vietnamese Army and held six years as a prisoner of war.

Williams started lashing out at Trump on Twitter:

On his Facebook page Williams wrote:

Enough! Whether you like John McCain’s politics or not, for Donald Trump to mock him for getting captured and held POW (where he was brutally tortured) is INEXCUSABLE. John McCain earned the title of American hero. Doesn’t mean he’s always right on policy, but it means his service is owed a special level of respect PERIOD.

Finally Williams, who has been working hard to secure the release of Marine Amir Hekmati, who has been tortured and held in an Iranian prison, posted a scathing cell phone video on YouTube.

“Right now I’m dealing with Amir Hekmati,” he said on the 89-second video. “Are you trying to say it’s Amir’s fault that he’s being held in Iran right now because he wore our uniform and got caught?”


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