‘I was waiting for the teeth’: Pro-surfer fights off shark during jaw-dropping televised competition

A professional surfer found himself faced with every beachgoer’s worst nightmare – a shark attack.

The attack occurred as Australian surfer Mick Fanning was surfing at the J-Bay Open, on Jeffreys Bay in South Africa Sunday, and it was caught on video.

As announcers were talking about Fanning, a shark can be seen approaching the surfer.

“Holy Sh*t,” an announcer shouted as Fanning disappeared underwater.

He was quickly rescued by an official on a jet ski and brought to a rescue boat.

Fanning said in an interview after the incident that he was anticipating the shark biting him.

“I was just sitting there, I was just about to like, just start moving, and then I felt something grab, like got stuck in my leg rope. I instantly just jumped away, and then it just kept coming at my board. I was kicking and screaming.

“I just saw fins. I was waiting for the teeth to come at me,” he said. “I punched it in the back.”


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