French bulldog ate owner’s diamond engagement ring

A Miami woman found out her French bulldog has very expensive taste.

Jessica Farah heard her dog Tux making chewing noises Wednesday, unaware that  he was making a snack of her diamond engagement ring.

“I hear Tux chewing something metal. At this point, I thought my ring was on my finger,” she said. “A little later, I look at my hand, and I think, ‘Oh no.'”

The next day she brought Tux to the Ludlam Dixie Animal Clinic where veterinarians discovered the ring was, in fact, in the dog’s stomach.

Doctors were able to remove the ring with an endoscope with an assist from vets at the Miami Veterinary Specialists.

The ring and Tux are now back home with Farah who will likely be watching both more closely.

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Carmine Sabia


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