Coulter defends Trump; takes heat for her own over-the-top dig on Marco Rubio

When Donald Trump couldn’t find a friend otherwise, “colorful” conservative author Ann Coulter was there to fill in the gap.

After making an inflammatory comment Saturday about U.S. Sen. John McCain being captured during his Navy service in the Vietnam War, it seems the entire Republican Party has turned on Trump.

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But there was Coulter, who has been supportive of Trump on his stance on immigration, taking to social media to defend the business magnate.

Saying Trump, a political outsider, “was being flip and misspoke,” Coulter instead pointed her finger at politicians: “Trump was being flip and misspoke in 3 seconds. The rest of our guys, with conscious deliberation, sell out the voters and the country.”

Sticking with the immigration angle, Coulter earlier ripped into GOP presidential contender Marco Rubio after the Florida senator condemned Trump’s comment about McCain.

“America’s POWs deserve much better than to have their service questioned by the offensive rantings of Donald Trump,” Rubio posted on Twitter.

Coulter somehow tied Rubio’s rebuke of Trump to the deadly attack on U.S. military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The response on social media was not as intense as what Trump experienced by a long shot, but Coulter took her share of abuse. It seems friends are hard to come by for “colorful” characters these days.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


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