Rule of Law in America is in tatters

We are no longer a nation under the “Rule of Law.” The “rule of man” now prevails, as we are more and more governed by individuals — […]

State governors taking steps to arm national guardsmen; Florida takes it even further

Prompted by the murder of four U.S. Marines and a Navy sailor at two Tennessee military installations by a jihadist Thursday, at least a half-dozen state governors […]

French bulldog ate owner’s diamond engagement ring

A Miami woman found out her French bulldog has very expensive taste. Jessica Farah heard her dog Tux making chewing noises Wednesday, unaware that  he was making a snack […]

Costco allegedly pulls cake design over mom’s complaint; do you see what’s ‘wrong’ with it?

Note: This story contains updated facts found in follow up, Publisher retracts Costco dinosaur cake story; writer accused of making up facts They know not what they are doing. […]

Man returns wads of cash BoJangles put in his chicken box; says $100 reward not enough

A Virginia man got a lot more than he bargained for when he got lunch from a Bojangles restaurant. James Minor said rather than his order of […]

‘I was waiting for the teeth’: Pro-surfer fights off shark during jaw-dropping televised competition

A professional surfer found himself faced with every beachgoer’s worst nightmare – a shark attack. The attack occurred as Australian surfer Mick Fanning was surfing at the J-Bay […]

Trump twist: Chris Rock said almost exact same thing about McCain in 2008 stand-up joke

It looks like presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s line questioning Sen. John McCain’s heroism for being a six-year prisoner of war isn’t all that original. It was a […]

ENOUGH! Unlike Obama, British PM Cameron declares no more pussyfooting around with Islamic extremism

When it comes to the challenge of dealing with rooting out extremism amid a growing Muslim population, British Prime Minister David Cameron is prepared to take a much […]

‘#If I Die In Police Custody’: Hashtag spreads after black woman commits suicide in jail

A social media outcry has been unleashed over the death of a black woman in police custody who authorities say committed suicide by hanging herself with a plastic […]

Obama collecting racial data for end-of-term database to prove ‘white privilege’ in US

President Obama aims to prove that Americans are a bunch of racists before he leaves office, a report by the New York Post indicates. The president currently has […]

Ted Cruz gets long standing ovation for going after Planned Parenthood: ‘Cut off every penny’

Until Donald Trump sucked the air out of the room with an inflammatory comment about U.S. Sen. John McCain, the highlight of Saturday’s Family Leadership Summit in […]

Montel Williams’ rant against Trump stands out from rest

TV personality Montel Williams unloaded on GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump after Trump criticized Sen. John McCain’s service record in the Navy as a prisoner of war […]