MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell pathetically fishes for ‘non-terror’ motives for shooter: Was he a hunter?

Liberals seem to think guns are to blame for the murders of four U.S. Marines this week.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell interviewed a former classmate of the man who stormed two Chattanooga, Tennessee, military installations Thursday and killed four Marines, wondering whether maybe the man was a gun nut.

Translation? It couldn’t have anything to do with his Muslim faith. After all, Islam is a religion of peace.

When Valery Levitt mentioned thaf Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, the shooter, was a very devout Muslim, Mitchell abruptly steered the conversation into another direction.

“Were guns a big part of his activities—social or other activities?” Mitchell asked Levitt.

“What?” Levitt said.

“Did he hunt, did he shoot?” Mitchell asked. “Was that just part of small-town Tennessee activity?”

“Um, he actually wasn’t one of the guys I heard about going hunting,” Abdulazeez’s classmate responded. “He wasn’t really that kind of guy.”

H/T: Washington Free Beacon


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