Man stands vigil with AR-15 outside recruiting station to protect unarmed service members: ‘The war is here’

At least one military facility is being guarded by an armed man.

A Virginia man, prompted by this week’s attack on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, decided to do for the military what the law won’t allow the military to do for itself: provide armed protection.

All U.S. military installations are “gun-free zones” under a law put into place during the Clinton administration.

The man, who asked that his identity not be disclosed, stood guard outside a military recruitment center in Winchester, Virginia, with a fully loaded AR-15 carbine., according to local Fox affiliate WTTG-TV.

Virginia allows open carrying of weapons.

“People need to call their congressmen, they need to call their senators, and they need to change the laws on the books so these guys can protect themselves,” he told WTTG.

He said that when he heard about Thursday’s attack, he thought to himself, “Here we go again.”

Since the law was passed banning the carrying of weapons by military personnel, there have been attacks on Fort Hood, the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard, and another military recruiting station, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“It’s fundamental Muslim extremism,” the armed man said. “They declared war on us, and we seem to not put it in perspective and realizing that the war is here.”

The military expressed gratitude and relief over the man’s actions.

“I went into each office, the ones that were open, and I was received with handshakes and thank-yous,” he said. “They constantly came by, and not only them, but their wives came by in tears thanking me for just being out here. They baked cookies for me and brought lunch by.”

Watch the video clip, via WTTG:



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