Man rescued from industrial meat grinder seconds before gruesome disaster

A factory worker almost became chopped meat but was rescued right on the brink of death.

The worker at a meat processing plant in San Luis Obispo, California, fell into an industrial-size meat grinder when he reached for a piece of meat that was stuck and his sleeve got caught and pulled him in, according to CNN.

The blades first broke his arm, then circled around and broke his arm some more as he screamed for help.

San Luis Obispo Fire Battalion Chief Neal Berryman told CNN the next blow likely would have hit the man’s head or neck if not for the quick action of one of his coworkers.

The man’s screaming alerted his coworker, who saw the victim’s legs protruding from the machine and switched it off in the nick of time.

The man ended up in the predicament when he tried to yank out some meat that was stuck and got the long sleeve of his work coat caught in the machine’s inner workings, fire officials believe. The meat grinder then pulled him in.

A picture taken by a firefighter shows the man entangled in the machine up to his waist — his legs pointed upward, with rescuers on all sides.

Hydraulic tools had to be used to pull the blades apart and free the man, who survived his injuries.

Chief Berryman says he gave the man this advice — “buy a lottery ticket because he’s the luckiest person around.”

Carmine Sabia


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