Trump responds to backlash after mocking McCain’s war hero status: ‘I like people that weren’t captured’

Donald Trump prefers war heroes who don’t get captured. He said so at at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, where he slipped the shocking comment […]

Drivers leave cars, run for their lives, as wildfire swallows up California highway

Photos and video tell the story of a terrifying scene that unfolded as a wildfire swept across a highway that connects Southern California and Las Vegas. Drivers abandoned their vehicles and […]

94-year-old woman pays for TV commercial with 3 word message; checks it off bucket list

An elderly Tennessee widow aired a simple three-word message to cross off the last remaining item on her bucket list. Shirley Batchelder, 94, of Franklin purchased five […]

Krauthammer: It’s ‘insane’ not to target mosques for info on homegrown jihadists

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer says that despite a “phobia” about targeting mosques as places to gather information about terrorist threats, it’s “insane” not to do so. “That’s exactly where […]

Man rescued from industrial meat grinder seconds before gruesome disaster

A factory worker almost became chopped meat but was rescued right on the brink of death. The worker at a meat processing plant in San Luis Obispo, California, fell into […]

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell pathetically fishes for ‘non-terror’ motives for shooter: Was he a hunter?

Liberals seem to think guns are to blame for the murders of four U.S. Marines this week. MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell interviewed a former classmate of the […]

Penn Jillette praises Trump as genius with no filter; libs go nuts trying to spin

The liberal magazine Salon is so desperate to trash Donald Trump that it will spin almost any Trump news to try to make him look bad. In […]

Man in the spotlight for flood of Confederate flags is arrested

A man who gained national attention after adorning his property with Confederate flags has been arrested — and while some in the media may want you to think […]

Queen Hillary gags her fans; bans them from speaking to press

The Founding Fathers would have a field day bashing the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. It appears the Democratic front-runner doesn’t believe in the First Amendment. Young supporters […]

Army chief of staff okay with troops being sitting ducks; fears ‘accidental discharges’ more

  The military’s “gun-free” zones may have turned U.S. Marines into sitting ducks during Thursday’s attack on a recruiting center and Navy facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee – […]

Queen Elizabeth
British public outraged over release of secret 1933 footage of Queen giving Nazi salute

Buckingham Palace is none too pleased with the publication of footage showing the queen performing a Nazi salute as a young girl. The Sun, a British tabloid and wholly owned subsidiary […]

Video: A little dose of what happens when you mess with ‘Murica

A video posted to showing what appears to be firearms training is getting a lot of attention. The video, titled “A little dose of Murica,” shows […]

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