Truly beautiful moment emerges from Chattanooga tragedy as pastor comforts grieving vet

Even out of the most horrendous tragedies, love and hope can always be found.

A candid photo taken of a pastor comforting a grieving veteran beside a makeshift memorial shortly after the massacre that killed four marines on Thursday is making a stunning tribute for both what Americans are feeling – and for what they’re made of.


A pastor knelt down beside the man and started praying with him, WKRN-TV, reported.

“Why? Why would you try to hurt the people that volunteer to protect you?” the veteran told WKRN.

“The people that would take a bullet for you… you try to [kill] them?

“That doesn’t make sense to me.”

The tragedy has left a nation stunned and in mourning. But the veteran’s touching words, and the Pastor’s kind gesture, remind us of the truly good in the world – and good will prevail.

H/T: The Blaze

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