Three days before attack, Muslims protested ‘American Taliban’ in Chattanooga

Three days before the Islamist terror attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that claimed the lives of four U.S. Marines, Muslims staged a demonstration in Chattanooga, defending Islam and denouncing a man they called the “American Taliban.”

The protesters were angry because a judge had released Robert Doggart, 63, from federal custody and into home detention in Signal Mountain, Tennessee — a suburb of Chattanooga — after he agreed to plead guilty in April to planning an attack on the town of Islamberg, New York, according to the Times Free Press.

Islamberg is a small town in Delaware County that was founded by a Sufi cleric in the 1980s and is populated mostly by Muslims.

Doggart’s plea agreement was thrown out by another judge, and he was subsequently charged last Tuesday with soliciting someone else to carry out the attack, the Times Free Press reported.

That prompted protests Monday from Muslims who wanted Doggart back in custody.


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